Lowburn | 12 occupants (1958 - 1996)

Formerley Clachan Beag but now known as Low Burn. This was a simple small rectangular two room single stone cottage with possibly a loft storey. There is a chimney at either end and a rear extension which forms an L-plan. Another relatively modern extension is present towards the west. There is a small porch built at the same time as the west extension, which contains the kitchen. The front and gables are rough cast and the chimneys are probably brick with cement render. There is a west highland slated roof, with overhanging eaves and verges. The windows appear to have been reformed at the time of rehabilitation at the time of the flood. The rooms in the main part of the cottage are kitchen, living room, bedroom, with a bedroom and bathroom in the rear extension. According to Alice the flood that caused the new house to be built was in 1951 and this house may have been rehabilitated and re-occupied in the mid to later 1950s.

This is originally a one and a half storey, two bay house with chimneys, slated pitches, projecting rafter feet, extended to the west at the same ridge level, and with an extension to the east as well, also a small porch with a lean-to roof. This is called the hirsel. The old road runs along just above the foreshore in front of it and there are old stone dykes on the landward side and also retaining dykes on the sea side. There is a small bridge coming over the byre just to the east of the house. New road is about fifty yards higher up. The east extension is fairly modern, possibly from around the 1980s. The old part of the house, which has all modern windows and boxy dormers, looks basically of that mid-19th century period again. It will be interesting to find out who the architect of the late 20th century work was. Quite a lot of drystone walls between the house and the road, enclosing a garden at the moment and also partly roofed to form a garage and a shed with corrugated iron and an upper nova door, formally a flank. It's just possible that there are remains of an old house buried in there as well.



Lowburn Valuation and Electoral Roll

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Architectural detailby James Simpson.